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SBI UPI App download: Registration Process & Operation guide

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Since the demonetization of Rs. 500 and 1000 currency notes in 2016 Indian citizens are more interested in doing Online payments for their services and monetary transactions. To promote Online payment system in India many Private and Government/ Semi Government bank has started their own UPI Apps for their customers. Like State Bank of India has started SBI UPI App to their customers. With SBI UPI App the user can do a lot of things that to online. In this article we are going to update a step by step process on How to download the app and use that. You can check other UPI App also.


The app is also known as Bhim SBI Pay App, With this app you can do a lot of online transaction. There is no limitation on number of transactions and all the transactions are free forever. That means no charges will be applicable.

Benefits of SBI UPI App: –

There are many benefits of using a UPI App, Below we have listed some of the important benefits which is going to save users money and precious time.

  • Instant online transaction.
  • No charges
  • Multiple work with just one online application. Fund transfer to other account, Recharge etc.
  • Check your bank balance anytime.
  • No need of IFSC code and other NEFT details to transfer money.
  • Instant transfer of fund 24*7 and 365 days a year.
  • Easy to use.
  • Secure with 4 digit User generated password system.


Guide to download the SBI Pay App-

Follow the step by step guide below to download and step up the SBI Pay app

1- First of all download the app from Here

2- Signup on the app using your SBI Account registered mobile number.

3- Create a 4 digit SBI UPI PIN number.

4- Let the app verify your mobile number with the message.

5- Save the pin and proceed.

How to transfer money using SBI Pay app-

There is a lot of things that you can do using SBI UPI App,

  1. Prepaid, Postpaid and DTH Recharge
  2. Online payment at merchant sites
  3. Sending and receiving money online using VPA address.
  4. Online payments for orders, ticket booking etc.

It is very easy to send money using SBI UPI App by following the guide below

A- Select Pay option on the dashboard of the app.

B- Enter the Payee VPA Address and enter the amount that you want to send.


C- Click on proceed button and enter your 4 digit secure PIN.

D- You will get the notification from the bank that the amount is transferred.

How to request money using SBI UPI App-

Do you know? You can request money from other UPI App users using their VPA address? Yes you can request money from other UPI App user It could be anyone using any banks or third party UPI app. Follow the step by step process below to use request money

1- Select Collect option on the dashboard of the app.

2- On the next page enter the VPA address.

3- Enter the amount.

4- Click on the send option.

5- The receiver of the request will get a notification in his mobile. When he confirm the request and enter his SBI Pay App 4 digit pin the request will be processed.



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